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Professional Mobile Ear Wax Removal in Croydon

At MK Ear Wax Clinic in Croydon, we provide adult ear wax removal services directly from the comfort of your home. Our mobile service is designed to cater to your convenience, offering expert ear care without the hassle of travelling to a clinic. With our mobile service, you can enjoy the benefits of improved ear health without disrupting your daily routine.

Explore our coverage across various locations beyond Croydon on our website's location page. Discover the convenience of our services available in multiple areas, ensuring accessibility and expert ear care wherever you are, bringing quality care right to your doorstep.

Efficient & Safe Ear Wax Removal

Our adult ear wax removal in Croydon utilises a gentle vacuum technique to safely and efficiently eliminate any excess wax from your ears. This method is among the most effective ways to clean your ears without causing discomfort or harm. We prioritise your comfort, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the entire procedure.


For residents in Croydon seeking ear wax removal, our mobile service brings professional care right to your doorstep. Our dedicated team can handle your ear health needs without you having to leave your home, whether you face mobility issues or prefer the convenience of a home visit.

Affordable Pricing

The fee is £85 for either one or both ears. If we do not find any wax in either ear during the examination, we will charge a nominal consultation fee of £35.

Croydon Ear Wax Removal for Care Homes

Our services extend to local care homes, providing professional ear care for residents who may find it challenging to visit a clinic. We understand the importance of maintaining ear health for elderly individuals and offer mobile services to ensure their comfort and well-being.

Contact us for Croydon Ear Wax Removal

Count on the mobile service of the MK Ear Wax Clinic in Croydon for the professional and painless removal of ear wax. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment, and we'll come to you for all your ear health requirements.

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